Thursday, 15 September 2016


September is an absolute beauty of a month. Not only does it kick off with my birthday but it marks the start of Autumn (and the nice bit, before the drizzly grey days appear). 

It's a magnificent time of year full of fresh starts, cosy nights and crisp mornings. I would skip January and February if I had the choice. That's the idea when I'm old anyway, go abroad for the first couple of months of the year and return at the start of spring - sold plan there, if you ask me. 

And let's just keep in mind that nothing is perfect. There are plenty of things I wish I could change about Autumn. Getting darker earlier, making it feel as though the end of the day is 5pm - errr no thank you. The dark mornings, surely we don't need it to be any harder getting out of bed when our alarms go off. Oh and the fading tan (well, less tan, more like a very slight shade darker) and freckles. 

But let's focus on the positives, because there are a ton of them.

I love it, I really do. However, I don't say it's my favourite season (when it probably is) purely because I can't make that big a decision. Once you've chosen your favourite season, there's no going back and lesson number one about me - I'm insanely indecisive.

(No, my flies were not undone, its just a rather unfortunate positioned leaf.)

Here are just 10 things I love about Autumn. I could go on (and on) but lets just keep it to 10.

1. The colours. Now don't get me wrong, who doesn't love a clear bright blue sky in summer? But the leaves, the trees, everything appears more saturated and vivid in Autumn.

2. The jumpers, the coats, the knitwear, the blankets, the fluffy socks. I actually feel happier just typing those words out.

3. The SCARVES. Yes they deserve capitalisation and their own number. As someone who believes they are cold blooded - cosiness is my bff.

4. Hot drinks. All day, everyday. I rarely drink coffee but in Autumn the spices reappear and there's no resisting their sweet sweet smells.

5. Halloween. I am a fan of Halloween, mainly the pumpkin carving competitions. However the uni version of Halloween definitely deserves a mention. Until you've dressed up in your normal night out gear with a bit of fake blood thrown about and black tights you've ripped up during pres when you've seen everyone else sporting a pair, you've not truly experienced Halloween. (I really think they need to warn people about the unavoidable stains left behind from fake blood. Never have there been so many students with red blotched faces than in the 9am lectures the morning after Halloween.)

6. Everything about real log fires.

7. The crunching leaves when you walk through parks.

8. The lead up to Christmas. Of course this includes Christmas markets and Winter Wonderlands - all that tacky commercialised amazingness.

9. The return of the slow cooker. How old are you, I hear you ask. 22 and I am not ashamed. 

10. Finally, probably the best of all. Firework Night/Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes Day - whatever ya wanna call it. I want to start planning it now and we're only in mid September. I can't wait!

I hope you enjoyed this list of things I love about Autumn - let me know your favourite things about this time of year.


  1. You've just about summed it up for me!
    My closet was made for Autumn weather. Love feeling cosy when there's a chill outside.

    Lucy x

    1. Aw glad you enjoyed the post! Your blog looks awesome :) x