Wednesday, 31 August 2016

WHEN IN...Cornwall

Yes I know what you're probably thinking. "Cornwall? Seriously? How boring."

Well let's just stop right there.

Get rid of all your pre-conceived perceptions. 

I've just got back from spending a week in North Cornwall and it was bloody amazing! And I will tell you why...

1) Cornish. Pasties. Enough said.

2) Beaches. Loads of them. Tons. And not crappy "English" beaches but actual golden sand and turquoise sea beaches. Basically the complete opposite of Skeggy.

3) Cream teas. Whoever invented the combination of scones, clotted cream, jam and endless cups of tea is a genius in my eyes. Hello clogged arteries.

Yes 2 out of the 3 may be food and there ain't nothing wrong with that. 

But boy, there's so much more to this little gem of a county than just those little beauties.

These are just a few things you MUST do if you fancy yourself a UK getaway.

I have had 'Give surfing a go' on my bucket list for years and years and years so when the opportunity arose to book a lesson during my Cornwall holiday I just had to do it. I had a 2 hour lesson in Polzeath and it was the most EXHAUSTING 2 hours of my life (but also an insane amount of fun!) Donning my hired wetsuit and dragging a battered surf board towards the frickin' freezing sea, I didn't quite give off the whole cool, 90210 vibes I hoped to. I must say though, the few seconds I actually managed to "ride a wave" felt pretty darn awesome.

Padstow is such a quaint little town with seaside shops and countless cafes lining its streets. There's quite a bit to do in such a small place and will undoubtedly be completely packed with tourists. This was where I experienced an ENORMOUS seagull nick the last mouthful of my pasty straight out of my hand, pesky birds *shakes fist*

Even if you've just caught snippets of the odd episode, the town is full of locations from the TV show including the doc's office, the pharmacy and the restaurant. Grab a Cornish ice-cream or pick up some lunch from the chippie and head down to the harbour for a seaside lunch spot. Oh and fish market should not be missed, the lemon sole is to die for!

Easy-moderate they said. There was nothing easy or moderate about this walk but the views, oh the views. They were superb. Allow a good three or four hours, start at Port Quin and trek along the coastal path to Port Isaac. Finish in the pub for a well earned Cornish cider. (Oh and do not attempt this walk in Summer whilst wearing skinny jeans - just a little warning for you there.)

Yes, Newquay is touristy and more commercialised than the rest of North Cornwall. However if you want a day with a bit more hustle and bustle or fancy going for a few evening drinks, then perhaps give Newquay a visit. With cafes, shops and bars aplenty, there's bound to be a good night to be had in Newquay. If you fancy spending some time on the sand, don't miss Fistral Beach - the location of Boardmasters - Europe's largest surf and skate festival. It's also considered one of the best places in Europe for surfing!
(Just be prepared for quite a few rowdy stag do's, especially if you're visiting at the weekend.)

Where better to catch a summer sunset than in the middle of the countryside on the coast. The golden glow just had to be enjoyed and captured, it's not often living in the middle of a city, that you get to see such natural beauty.

I immensely enjoyed our week in Cornwall, visiting a different little coastal town each day and just exploring the local ports and harbours. England really can be magnificent, sometimes!

However, it's left me wanting to live near a beach and for it to be acceptable to eat your body weight in Cornish pasties every day of the year. 

As much as I love holidays and travelling abroad, I must explore more of the UK because we have some real gems, right on our doorstep. 

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of my recent trip to Cornwall. Have you ever visited Cornwall? Where are some of your favourite places in the UK to visit? I love planning little weekend getaways so throw your recommendations this way!

Thursday, 18 August 2016


So here goes.

Time to finally bite the bullet and enter the 'blogosphere'.

After years of  reading countless, amazing blogs and following their progression and success, I want a go. I mean, why not? Blogging revolves around writing, photography, design and any topics that take your fancy - it sounds ace.

However, being the perfectionist I am, I know I am only going to be happy with constant, amazing quality so I'm already setting myself a pretty tough task. But let's have a stab at it and see what happens.

So if anyone out there happens to stumble across this post (miracles happen, right??) then stick around, hopefully (if real life can make time for it) there will be some more posts up real soon. I love love love travel so there's bound to be plenty of that kinda thang, along with some of my other little obsessions including interiors, fashion, beauty, baking and music. Sound good? I hope so because I am super excited about developing this little space of the internet into a personalised retreat I can come to to escape after a day at my rather dull 9-5 job. 

Also, we all love a follow on Instagram don't we, so nip on over and have a little scroll...ta!

I guess that's it for now. Leave a comment below if you enjoyed this introductory post or if you've just started a blog. I'm always looking for new blogs to sit down with a cuppa and spend 15 minutes reading about this and that.

Right, time to get posting!

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